Best 10 ASO Tools to Assist You with App Store Optimization

If you need to perform App Store Optimization or as it is also called ASO, it would be useful for you to get some of the best practical tips about this process. The first thing that you face is that one of the most crucial and at the same time the most challenging tasks during ASO is keywords research. To help you overcome this challenge and others that you may face during app store optimization, we have prepared for you the top 10 items that are often used by people all over the world for ASO.
How to Choose the Right Tools for ASO?

As it was mentioned before, one of the most critical steps of any ASO is keywords search. That’s why when you decide to use the service you need to check whether they offer keyword tools. Besides, it is important to pay attention to other available features such as:

  • Availability of free trials. Not all developers have a lot of funds like the big corporations. That’s why you should test the service before starting to use it. Don’t waste your money on service which doesn’t suit you.
  • Compatibility with Android and iOS devices. You may be surprised, but not all services work with these two market giants. Check this information in advance to ensure that your app store optimization will satisfy your expectations.
  • Keywords ranking. Due to this feature you will receive information on how a particular keyword ranks your app within a certain period of time. This feature allows you to analyze a keyword and find out a better alternative. Some good tools also define the difficulty rank of your keyword that shows how many competitors you have for a certain keyword.
  • Keywords suggestions. Take into account the suggestions provided by Google Play when you type something.
  • Spying on competitors’ keyword. Discover keywords that your competitors use.
  • Spying on competitors’ ranking. Track your competitors and figure out their keywords ranking.
  • Category ranking. The top apps in a certain category.
  • Reports. Receive detailed reports about popularity of your app among users. See how many users really install your app and use it.
  • Download reports. Be aware of the number of downloads your app has and the number of downloads of your competitors.
  • Review analysis. The analysis of rates and reviews that your app receives.
  • Email reports. Receive all required reports via email.
  • Is data available for all markets or only for US ones?
  • Visibility score. The score that your app receives based on the ranking analysis.
  • Export data. The ability to export data for local use.
  • Pre-launching analysis. An ability to make a test analysis of your app before you take it live.

Everyone says that they offer the best keywords research, but how can you check whether it is accurate? Here are the top 10 ASO tools that can significantly improve your optimization:

Best ASO tools


AppAnnie is considered to be the best ASO tool. It provides effective analytics, app rankings, and intelligence services. It was founded in 2010 and has become a leader in the market today. AppAnnie provides its analytics platform for more than 350,000 apps. The service claims that they have tracked over three and a half million apps today and has even acquired Distimo, their former competitor.


This service creator is Tomasz Kolinko. It doesn’t provide a great variety of tools like others do, but it doesn’t require loging in to use the service and it is a certain advantage.


The founders of this service are its CEO Ariel Michaeli and Oz Michaeli. They have an astonishing list of clients. Among them are Rockstar and Capcorn. However, they provide mostly app reporting and intelligence service rather than optimization of app stores.


Jai Jaisimha founded this company in 2012. Today, Appnique is one of the biggest services that allow clients to make pre-launch analysis. It has a very easy-to-use dashboard, but the amount of features is very limited. The quick test is also not as accurate as it is expected. Such players as SearchMan or Appannie are able to provide more accurate keyword suggestions.


MetricsCat was established in 2013. It offers reasonable prices for good service. MetricsCat is more oriented on app analytics and analytics. You will not find a full package of app optimization tools here. It also doesn’t have a demo, but registration is free so you can join and compare it with other services.


This service was founded in 2009 and it is considered to be one of the first services for app store optimization and keeps the leading position by present time. MobileDevHQ is one of the most experienced teams and their prices are also high. That’s why they focus mostly on big corporations. Their biggest advantage is a free plan for three applications, but for other tools you have to pay.


Mopapp was founded in 2010 and is considered to be one of the best services which provide support to exotic app stores. They offer good analytic solutions as well as keywords updates and accuracy in its displacement.


It was founded in 2012 by a team of former employees from Google, Yahoo and Friendster. Today, it has become one of the most influential players, but the main specific of the company is app optimization.

Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower is one of the newest in the ASO field. In 2013 it was founded by Oliver Yeh and Alex Malafeev and has become a leader in the market very quickly.


Adam Weintraub and Barry Smith founded this service in 2012. The biggest advantage of Straply is that you can use its service for free while it is currently in beta. However, the biggest disadvantage is that this service is not very accurate and just like Appnique, it offers a very limited amount of features. However, as it was said above the service is free, so you lose nothing if you try it. It seems that the web app doesn’t always work properly, but it is probably because the service is still in Beta version.

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