Privacy policy

Dear clients of the Reviews-Up service, the convenience and safety of our collaboration are crucial for our team. That is the reason why we want you to be acquainted with main points of our privacy policy.

Personal ID info

The service Reviews-Up takes into account privacy issues of our clients and visitors. And we are aware of the importance of the safety of personal ID information that may be collected by the site. That is why we took care of the data collecting process and make it impossible for our site to gather and store your names, address, e-mail and other personal data.
That is why there is no opportunity for our service to save any private info and use it in order to search or estimate apps. We only save the data that belong to our registered clients, and the only info that they have mentioned while filling the registration form. So we help the developers keep their data hidden from the strangers. But the service can automatically read and store the data of the visitors who have intention to publish a review etc.

Use of cookies

We do not apply cookies for collecting personal ID of site viewers while creating ratings for the app.


You will surely receive the notification in the case when we are going to use your private info. Moreover, almost all used data is general one, so there is no cases of personal ID usage for communicating purposes

Communications with commercial purposes

Adverts of our web-site can be sent to visitors and users via our promotional partners. In such cases the cookies will be used in order to permit the server to select your PC for sending adverts. But the privacy policy is covering the usage of cookies by our server only.

Site’s security

Every pint of the privacy policy or the Reviews-Up service can be altered sometimes by the service authorities. So we advise you to check these rules from time to time in order to be aware of any possible changes. But still you will be informed about such activity and asked whether you want to keep apply our assistance any further.
Please, write us or contact any other way in case you have any questions or misunderstandings left on the topic of privacy policy.

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