Terms of services

If you find out more about our service, you will know that Reviews-Up is the best affordable provider of the high-quality reviews for applications, both iOS and Android oriented. We are aimed on reaching and maintaining the highest positions in the app market for your application. Our team of expert review writers will create the ordered number of reviews as fast as possible and will manage the promoting process itself. You app’s popularity will go without saying. Ordering our assistance you will be surprised with the remarkable effect of our help and our speed. We insist on you reading the following terms and conditions of the services we provide in order to be fully aware of the specifications of our potential collaboration.

Introduction to terms of service

We are the service that assists developers in promoting their apps by creating positive feedback on them, adding extra rating stars and other.

We want to highlight the fact that our service has nothing to deal with your application’s rights and brand itself.

Our team of experts work hard in order to provide you with required service as fast as they can.

Our services are 100% guaranteed. We’ll refund you, if we can’t provide you the service you ordered for some reason.

Please, read all the details connected to our commercial collaboration before making an actual purchase.

The rights and duties of the Developer, demonstrations and guarantees

Applying our service the developer confirms the statement than our service holds no responsibilities on the materials that are performed in your product. It is up to our service to manage the level of our liability of any business we may conduct.

The main responsibilities of the developer are:

  • The operating performance of your app and its elements
  • User’s complaints on your app’s performance
  • The accessibility of the program and its content and its quality.

The developer confirms that:

  • In-app materials and the app itself will not violate the terms of contract and any other rules that may be valuable to our service.
  • There should not be any cases of the viruses and other harmful software located among materials of your application.
  • The content and the materials should meet the particular requirements.
  • Your app should not contain any materials that may be offending to any person or institution.


Our service holds no responsibility for the materials of the customer’s application or any other software. Also there may be no our fault if the app will display any technical misperformance or any other troubles connected with app running and its options.

Constraint on liability

We insist on customer confirmation with the term, that in case if occurrence of any troubles or misunderstanding, all the possible issues will be discussed in s civilized way.


The developer or any other customer promises to make their best to prevent our company and any potential partners from any possible damage.


The terms and regulations mentioned above are considered to be a terms of service and developer’s collaboration. And both parties are obligated to take the responsibility in case of their violating the mentioned regulations.